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The Stock Market Is Safe - That's What They Say
You probably know someone who lost money. 

Billions of dollars of Americans retirement savings vanished in the last stock market crash.

Only after it’s over and the financial losses occur will we understand how the next crash happened. Once the fraud “rigged game” is up, the market will unwind very quickly. 

What will cause the next crash?  The smartest people on Wall Street didn't see the last crash coming until it was too late.  What we do know, is that it's going to happen again.

There is no doubt that if the Government takes more and more of what the middle class produces, this will have an extreme effect on consumer spending, and ultimately corporate profits.
Taxes Will Be Lower  - Don't Be Fooled

"That will never happen."

That’s what they said back in the 1940’s during the last debt crisis in America.

Above you can see the history of marginal income tax rates in America. During the 1940’s America’s debt spiraled to it’s highest levels since the creation of the income tax. 

Money was needed to fund the war effort so the country sold war bonds and other debt instruments. The answer to pay off the debt was to increase taxes.

The maximum marginal income tax rate peaked at 94%.  The Federal Government was able to reduce the debt by raising income taxes.

Today Americans enjoy some of the lowest tax rates since the beginning of the income tax in 1913.  But that is about to change, even with President Trump.  Somebody has to pay.
The Banks Are "Safe" - Four Letters You Must Know

Remember the 700 billion TARP tax payer funded bank bailout?  That was the bill put through by Congress to bail out the banks in the recent financial crisis.  The taxpayers of America backed up fraud in the banking system. 

In the world of bank risk, the lack of the Federal Government not making any progress with “too big to fail” and the risk of the unknown, puts American taxpayers at risk of another bank bailout.

Counting on the FDIC to guarantee depositors upon the failure of any one of the large banks would be fruitless. There will NOT be another bailout.
The Government Won't Confiscate The 401k?…
Willie Sutton was a famous bank robber. One day he was asked, why do you rob the banks? He answered, “because that is where the money is.”

If you think about yourself personally, where does the majority of your money sit right now?  
Nationalization of 401k and IRA savings plans has already been considered by Congress. 

There is no question that when the #?## hits the fan, there will be a massive grab for this money. 

On April 5, 1933 under executive order 6102, President Roosevelt empowered the Government to confiscate gold.  It's not just something people read about, it really happened.

In the future, the same may hold true for the Government sponsored retirement savings plans.

STEP: 2 The Power of "The Freedom Plan"…
1.  Emancipate Money From Income Taxes - Forever

2.  Predictable 5-7% Growth On Your Money - TAX-FREE

3.  Live Your Life, Independent of Banks,
Wall Street and Income Taxes on Savings

 Emancipate Your Money From Income Taxes - Forever
They are arguably the safest most secure place for money when it comes to tax shelter and financial risks. It's where immense tax and financial freedom can be found in the IRS tax code.

Interestingly, in our research we discovered something that commercial banks were doing to create immense profits and protect their own tax-freedom.   It’s something the Office of The Comptroller of the Currency advocates and writes laws for the banks to operate by.  

It’s where immense tax freedom is held in the IRS code. It’s where money is made virtually invisible to income taxes. 

It sounds too good to be true. However... it is true. 

If you have never heard about this before, there are very good reasons why.

As you will see, it's in THEIR best interest to keep this knowledge of money suppressed.

Do What The Wealthy Do To Shelter Billions -
Unreported To IRS Income Tax Free

Hedge fund managers, CEO's, even the heads of the most prominent financial institutions in America are putting millions of dollars into these accounts.

Ken Lewis former CEO Bank of America, James Rohr CEO PNC Bank, William J. Ryan, President TD Bank,  James M. Wells, COO Suntrust Bank... and the list goes on and on.   (Researched through public information filings.)

Ironically, it's completely the opposite of what their armies of financial planners are telling Americans to do with money.

The banks and Wall Street want Americans to keep filling up the 401ks and IRAs loaded with fees, market risks and the mystery of taxes. 
The immense tax benefits of these specially designed financial accounts are highly valued by those who understand them.  That's why you don't hear about financial strategies other than 401k and IRA accounts.

The Comptroller Of The Currency Says
"Safest Place On Earth For Money"…
Within the banking laws, to operate as a bank you must maintain what is called Tier 1 capital.  It is the money that must be invested in the safest type of assets so when the bank experiences financial losses, they will have their Tier 1 money to fall back on.

The commercial banks are creating massive TAX-FREE gains using the exact same tax code The Freedom Plan uses.

That section of tax code is one of the most powerful financial secrets of the commercial banks, and the elite wealthy. 

Citibank 4.2 BILLION
Bank of America 17.3 BILLION

Right now there is over 200 billion dollars owned by hundreds of commercial banks sitting in these specially designed accounts.

Furthermore, the endorsement of the Comptroller of the Currency advocating that banks put up to 25% of their safest money in these is a testament to their financial security and integrity.
Decades Long Track Record of
Predictable, Dependable Dividend Earnings
In fact, these specially designed financial accounts were the best performing assets within the banks during the financial crisis.

The typical return is between 5-7%, tax-free.  In a 30% tax bracket that’s equal to over 10 percent taxable. 

The returns of these accounts go back decades, some even 100 years or more.

Hyperinflation - The Perfect Place To Grow Money
The Freedom Plan makes money safer than gold.  Because gold is subject to market risks, money can and has been lost by gold traders.

The unique design of The Freedom Plan is that they are perfectly positioned to accelerate their growth in periods of hyperinflation.  All of this while maintaining their protective shield of safety and financial security.

While gold is used as inflation insurance, it's also subject to market risks just like stock and bonds.

NO Stock Market Risk
The Freedom Plan has NO STOCK MARKET RISK. 

These characteristics are some of the key reasons why informed Americans are moving money into these plans.

NO Government Reporting Of Balances
With IRAs and 401k plans, the Government knows your exact account balance.

IRA's, 401k, and even bank interest is all reported each year to the IRS on form 5498, or 1099 for bank interest. 

The uniqueness of these specially designed accounts allows money to move freely in and out with no IRS reporting requirement.

There is NO 5498 form.  This is exactly why there are hundreds of billions growing income tax-free in these.  Because there is no IRS reporting requirement,  it is income that doesn’t even show up on the income tax return.

Technically, if one had all their money in these specially designed financial accounts, and they were creating an income, it would not be necessary to file a tax return.

The Most Valuable Lesson About Money
You Will Ever See

What you are about to watch holds the key to immense freedom. 

The Freedom Plan compounds money predictably with income tax free dividends every year.

4 Minute Video
They Don't Teach This In School (There's a reason)
It's in the best interest of Wall Street and the Banks to keep Americans dependent on them.  This one video explains everything our grandparents knew about money and the evils the bankers.

7 Minute Video
Declare Independence Over Banks,
Wall Street and Income Taxes For Life!

Want to live independent of banks?  Or at least create the opportunity to?  Imagine having a pool of savings ready to use when the next real estate meltdown occurs?  Or just never having to fill out a credit application again... ever.

4 Minute Video
Emancipate Your Savings
Retire Income Tax-Free
Today there are Americans who hold nearly 100 percent of their savings inside The Freedom Plan.  They pay no income taxes, have predictable growth on their money, enjoy a retirement income and file no income tax return.  Here's how they do it.

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